Anwesa Sengupta

Anwesa Sengupta

Anwesa Sengupta

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Anwesa Sengupta was born and brought up in Kolkata in a very literary minded family. Father though an engineer by profession has a vast knowledge of literature, music and arts. Her mother a homemaker had been and still is a constant source of inspiration in her life.

From her childhood, she had been creative in many ways. She even found out creative ways to be mischievous. Her first one line creation at the age of three was “When ants bite my soul…..” Till date, she could not find the end to that story.
Anwesa graduated in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University and a holds a master degree in Business Management from LN Mishra College of Business Management.

She got her first break when Aniruddha Bose requested her to narrate his first novel ANWESHAN in English. Her dreams started taking shape from that day onwards, and blossomed through her literary skills, which she possessed from childhood, in her first project QUEST. 

At present, she works and lives in Massachusetts USA, with her husband who had shown tremendous amount of patience and confidence in her endeavour.

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