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First of congratulations to the new author Priyanka Ghosh. Unless I knew it (from the author details) that it is her first novel, I would definitely not believed it. The language is so matured, controlled. And such apt use of quotations espl. from Rabindranath Tagore.
Excellent job! Keep it up!


-by Payal | 26-Jul-2011


I am not a regular reviewer but after reading this book, I am so deeply moved that could not stop myself from penning down a few lines about it. 

First thing which attracted me towards the book is its uniqueness – it is written in the form of 2 separate diaries. Two different people are writing diaries in two completely different styles. That’s really new! We have seen novels written in the form of letters or even diaries, but usually the main protagonist’s diary. Never thought of reading two different diaries in one book, yet so synchronized, where almost the same episodes are reflected in the light of the man’s and the woman’s own persona.
The next thing which initially I felt a bit revolted about, is the age-gap between the man and the woman. A woman in her early thirties falls in love with a man in his mid-twenties! However, there is so much melancholy in their love, rendered beautifully with appropriate quotations, I must say it rises above the mundane day-to-day boy-meet-girl affairs and carries an eternal appeal which is bound to attract people from all ages. 

And the last but not the least, is that the characters are so identifiable, so real. None of them are larger than life nor they indulge into any extra drama, yet they dream and fight and giggle or cry like a child. I am sure, every woman beyond their late-twenties will be able to see a façade of them in Shruti or Sutanuka, similarly, Sayan’s jokes and dialogues will definitely bring back some fond memories (and of course, an impish grin) to the men. There succeeds the author.
Also, a special mention to the ending – felt so inspired from within, though uncontrollable tears were flowing down my cheeks!

-by Sonali | 01-Aug-2011


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