Nivedita Basu

Nivedita Basu is 25 years old with a 5 ft. 3 and ½" framework supported by an approximately 71 cm vertebral column. Nivedita has done her major in physics and her masters from the University of Calcutta and somehow by some play of karma managed to clinch the gold medal. She was a junior research fellow in IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur. She is presently pursuing Ph.D. in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore as an INSPIRE fellow (She had always been “INSPIRE”ing others to find means and ways to cut a long story short, and hell she herself is writing a long story).

Nivedita is a self-confessed bookworm with fictions, sci-fi and medical thrillers topping the chart. Hobbies she has in abundance. Debate, dance and painting are her forte. She is trained in the classical dance form- Bharatnatyam. She is also a super chef (so she likes to believe), an avid traveler (for travel updates visit her travel page, a self-proclaimed photographer and an adventure sports freak.

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Life is short but long enough to fulfill one’s dreams. Hence, she hopes

  • One day she will become the most read author of India.
  • One day there will be no place on this earth she hasn’t visited.
  • One day she will have her own NGO.

Presently she lives in Bangalore all alone. ‘ME and That Extra ‘N’’ is her debut novel. Send in your feedbacks at She would love to hear from you.

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