Victor Kalyan Ghoshe

An International Communication Adviser by profession and a musician by heart, Victor Kalyan Ghoshe is an explorer, painter and an award winning Communication Professional. Every piece of his work reflects ‘The philosophy of this universe’ in its simplest form - “Life”. This social researcher and storyteller have an honours degree from Calcutta University, a Diploma in Communication Design and a Post Graduate diploma in Advertising management. He has been responsible for developing mass communication strategies for many countries other than India. He now lives and works in Delhi.


Victor leaves a cinematic imagery in the mind of the reader through every sentence he composes. His stories demonstrate a remarkable humanism, elaborate observation and subtle handling of characters and situations. Victor Kalyan Ghoshe’s work is a rare blend of life, sur-reality, human bonding and emotions. His style is controlled, precise, meticulous, and yet, evokes deep emotional response from readers. His stories depict a fine sensitivity without using melodrama or dramatic excesses. He evolved a simplistic style that is almost invisible. He strongly believes that - "The best technique of storytelling is the one that's not noticeable".

The core


Victor Kalyan Ghoshe's depth of observation is an eye opener.  His love and understanding of the human race, characteristic of all his work, have greatly impressed me.  Victor is an irreverent thinker and an innovator in his varied creative work and his short stories are refreshing and enjoyable for all ages.

Sam Mukherjee
Toronto, Canada

Publications of Victor Kalyan Ghoshe:

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