And You Thought Women Were Hard To Understand by Agnimita Chatterjee

And You Thought Women Were Hard To Understand
copyright And You Thought Women Were Hard To Understand
by Agnimita Chatterjee 

Fiction, English
Paperback, 208 Pages, 198 gms

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Women! They are so hard to understand!”

How often have you been either the subject or object of that so famous reaction of rolling of the eyes with a surrendering sigh and an almost inaudible gruff mutter? That’s how the fairer sex is normally described- cruel, yet caring; loving, but jealously so… which gives you that one word to describe them- complex!

However, that is exactly where this piece of tale starts unwinding. Going into the different layers of the female heart, it paints the lives of five small town Bengali girls, out in the big bad world of the cultural capital of India, the city of joy- Kolkata. Just like thousand others, they have dreams in their eyes and hope in their hearts, and come withtheir suburban conservatisms, till they meet the big city with its whirlpool of competition and exposure, working to transform them from Bengalis to Bongs! They come together to face the dizzy, busy unknown city, that merges their destinies into a melting pot, in the common modern fashion of being roommates. Bedazzled by the metropolitan flash, they huddle close. And from there begins a roller coaster ride!

Bonds are built, laughter and jokes are shared, and tears are wiped. Surfing through their individual and collected verve of teenage, they come across whole new beings of human characters, taste sweetest moments, experience most unexpected turn of events, and face completely novel complications of life, till they stumble upon the most jaw-dropping knowledge that changes everything.

What exactly did happen? How did they react? Did they survive? Questions hit you and confuse your brain, surprising and appalling, till you reach the end, where finally you roll your eyes and sigh, muttering, “… And I thought women were hard to understand?”

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