Ethernet Ebong Onanyo Golpo by Victor Kalyan Ghoshe

Ethernet Ebong Onanyo Golpo
Ethernet Ebong Onanyo Golpo
by Victor Kalyan Ghoshe 

Short Stories, Bengali
Hardbound, 70 Pages, 200 gms
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Victor Kalyan Ghoshe is a young Indian writer, who is very new in the Indian literary field, but who surely will be known very soon for his fresh & humanistic approach to literature. ETHERNET EBONG ONANYO GOLPO’is a short story collection in Bengali, a language spoken in the eastern state of India - West Bengal. Yet, his works are surely of universal interest. They are about things that make human life move on – sur-reality, human bonding, emotions, struggle, conflicts, joys and sorrows.

Victor leaves a cinematic imagery in the mind of the reader through every sentence he composes. His stories demonstrate a remarkable humanism, elaborate observation and subtle handling of characters and situations. Victor Kalyan Ghoshe’s work is a rare blend of life, sur-reality, human bonding and emotions. His style is controlled, precise, meticulous, and yet, evokes deep emotional response from readers. His stories depict a fine sensitivity without using melodrama or dramatic excesses. He evolved a simplistic style that is almost invisible. He strongly believes that - "The best technique of storytelling is the one that's not noticeable".

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