Heartache by Biswajit Guha Roy

by Biswajit Guha Roy 

Fiction, English
Paperback, 224 Pages, 208 gms
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Once upon a time, in a small town, India, there lived a young couple Bablu and Rima. They loved each other very much.
But what happens suddenly when Bablu comes face to face with angel-looking Ananya?

What happens when Rima comes to know about Ms Purnima’s property-will?

What happens when Rima’s elder sibling, Tuhin comes to know about Bablu’s marriage with somebody other than Rima?

What happens when Mr Shyama Prasad and his wife come to know about Bablu’s secret love affair and Rima’s pregnancy?

What happens when Bablu comes to know about the dreams of his parents to see Ananya as their daughter-in-law?

Will Bablu be happy after marrying Rima? Will he ever be able to forget Ananya with whom he fell in love at first sight?
Why Rima betrays Bablu after taking everything from him? Why she throws him out of her mind and soul?

Welcome to Heartache, a gripping tale from peninsular India.

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