I, Me & Her Forever by Pritam Banerjee

I, Me & Her Forever
I, Me & Her Forever
by Pritam Banerjee 

Fiction, English
Hardbound, 272 Pages, 301 gms
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It’s all about Abhishek and Meghna, two teenagers in a fast paced world and highly advanced technologies, Facebook, that they knew each other and in due course of time they fell in love unexpectedly.

Abhishek, a student of St Orient High School, never believed in relationships as to him real love never happened in this world. He was a career-oriented boy who always remained busy with his own life.

Meghna, a student of Ashu Memorial School for Girls, was a charming young girl who never trusted boys as she had lost faith in them due to a betrayal.

Two worlds in two persons, where relationship gets stronger, they were devoted and were truly in love. It’s about their story who was firm, pure and filled with immense love yet they were engulfed with their personal conflicts.
The next part deals with the psychological setback of Abhishek and how he overcomes it.

The story deals with love, relationships and break ups.

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I, Me & Her Forever


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