Kolkatar Patale by Chiranjit Ojha

Kolkatar Patale
Kolkatar Patale
by Chiranjit Ojha 

Fiction, Bengali
Hardbound, 128 Pages, 275 gms
About: Kolkatar, Patale, Chiranjit, Ojha, Science, Fiction, bestseller

Price: Rs 120/- or US $5

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Kolkatar Patale


First of all congrats. Thats an awsome book- frankly speaking i was not expecting that much brilliance because I have not read your 1st book and have very little idea about your writing ability.

The things which deserve kudos :
 1. Nicely plotting the whole story with a vision of what can happen after 40 years in our life. Actually 40 years is neither a very long tenure, nor very short. So it is very tough to visualise how much progress can happen... jemon dhoro, tumi jadi ei story ta 200 yrs porer backdrop e korte tahole u can write anything in science fiction coz nobody knows wats going to happen- bt after 40 years emon kichu likhte hobe jar sathe reality r atleast 40-50 % mil ache n progress can be like dat- kudos to you je tumi darun ekta kolkata after 40 years design korecho- hya, 40 years por ei guloi amader life e ashbe jemon on-board computer, GPS locking, tracking thru server n all- awesome.

 2. Durdanto pace boi ta te... ami offcie theke fire vishan tired abashthateo 2 days e sesh kore dilam coz i couldn’t leave it... awesome story telling n maintaining the pace of the story...

3. Boi tar designing n presentation khub valo- mane kono kono boi thake jeta haat e nilei porte ichha hoy- it’s like that- once u have that book u cannot relax without completing so nice is the get up.. Last page e je summary ta thake tar upor anek kichu nirbhor kore coz ota porei manush boi kene- darun hoyeche ota.

4. Beshi character nei bole flow ta maintain kore pora khub sahaj...beshi character thakle u feel lost sometimes specially when u r reading the book in installment. 

5. Technology jegulo assume kora hoyeche just brilliant... reflecting the signal thru sky-fone, hypnotising thru sky fone is awsome...

  The things, which can be, improved more:
 1. Jekhane Indileaks nijeder samprachar ei barbar bolche signal reflect korun, sekhane chandrani satya ke oi katha ta keno jiggesh korlo je amader reflect korar strategy bujhlen ki kore ? They themselves are telling repeatedly in radio amidst their transmission...

2. Satya n kush r police joining backdrop ta amar as a general reader ektu abastab thekeche- Delhi attack n all is perfect, brilliant but emergency te oto sahaj e chakri shift kora jay? coz ekjaygay tumi nijei bolecho je commander jakhan satya der chakri offer korche keu ekjan bollo emon vab korlo jeno chakri deoa neoa or haat e...

3. Next, galpo ta ke amar mone hoy tumi ichhe korei kishorpathyo rekhecho- kono rakam spicy korar kothao icche chilo na mone hoy- there is no hint at all- but ajkal kar pathokra ektu spicy chay, mone hoy tomar add kora uchit- family life ta ektu detail e bollei ota chole ashto..

4. And ami ekta happy ending expect korechilam- last e satya der jhuliye rekhe dile keno?
 I guess you have answers for all the four questions stated above n that is your point of view- but ami ami just tomake seita bollam ekta general pathak r boi ta pore kothay khatka lagte pare ba kon jaygata valo-kaharap lagte pare

 I have read Adrish Bardhan, Anish Dev, Mustafa Siraj, all...tumi karur cheye kam nao- anish dev r theke to anek valo laglo amar- keep it up- u rocks- tomar pratham boi tao porte hobe.

 All the best.

-by Dr.Sumanta Chakraborty | 10-Mar-2012



Boiyer Desh, Advt

Anandabazar Patrika