Murder In The Time of Corona by Aniruddha Bose

Murder In The Time of Corona
copyright Murder In The Time of Corona
by Aniruddha Bose 

Murder Thriller, English
Hardbound, 208 Pages, 300 gms
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The word itself is sufficient to raise a multitude of feelings. To some it is fear, to others it is repulsion, to many a gruesome nauseating feeling and to a few a mental stimulus to solve the mystery. 

Whatever the feeling it raises, almost each and everyone likes to read/see a murder mystery book/movie. 

To fulfil this demand of the human mind, there are a plethora of diverse genres of murder stories. One of those story telling styles is, what can be dubbed a ‘Closed System Mystery’, that is, where the crime and its solution concur in a closed system, which might be a running train or a house amidst nowhere. There are some famous classic murder mysteries of this type in world bibliography. To this genre now we can proudly add a book from one of the very best  mystery story tellers of our time - Dr. Aniruddha Bose.

This time he spins his mystery in a set up which is very contemporary, viz. the ‘Lockdown’ due to the Covid19 pandemic. The choice of this phenomenon is a very clever step for the story-teller, because the lockdown scenario has converted the whole country in a Closed System. The lockdown practically bars movements of all the characters in this whodunit story, thus making the police job extremely difficult, almost impossible. 

The brilliance of the idea to set a murder mystery in such a setting is simply the stroke of a genius.

An ageing actress is murdered, and the police investigation is severely handicapped by the restrictions imposed by the nation-wide lockdown. Here the author plays his trump card. By sheer power of story telling through digital methods, he takes the reader through a tumultuous journey covering five decades.

As it is a mystery story, I cannot divulge anything more. That privilege is reserved for the reader.

Hopefully, the story will appeal to everyone.

June 2020           Asis Kumar Chatterjee

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Murder In The Time of Corona Promotion

-by You Tube | 06-Jul-2020

It’s just Unlock 1 and Aniruddha Bose with his indomitable spirit springs a surprise with Murder in the Time of Corona! A celebrity film star is murdered amidst lockdown. When everyone is so concerned with their own safety who would venture out and how to commit a homicide and that too of a celebrity? Well it happened and Aniruddha Bose has taken his readers on a spin. Unlike typical Bose novels with multitude of characters and multiple murders, here he has constrained himself to one murder and a handful of characters. Being a computer geek himself besides his profession, he could easily rove within the limitations that the pandemic presented. A short crisp story equally gripping as his other thrillers will make a good read. Close, very close to a perfect murder...nah! I won’t give away.

-by Purnasree Nag | 18-Jun-2020

By far the best you have done for crime novels , since it is simple, with less characters and the twist in the end is pretty good. 

Good job done . Cheers !!


-by Partha Pratim Roy | 03-Jul-2020

Murder In The Time of Corona Launch


-by You Tube | 26-Aug-2020

Finished the book. Very interesting. If I were into film making I would have turned it into a full length feature film or a web series. A thriller with a twist.

I loved the language though would have preferred it in Bengali.

-by Prof Sunettra Mitra | 04-Sep-2020

After a long time, I read a very mysterious story like this. When I read the story it seemed like I was watching a web series. The last chapter of the story is awesome. The author of the story Shri Aniruddha Basu gave us a really unpretentious story. Thank you sir.

-by Priyabrata Saha | 10-Jan-2021


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