Musings of A Teenager by Abhishek Ganguli

Musings of A Teenager
Musings of A Teenager
by Abhishek Ganguli 

Collection of Poems and Short Stories, English
Paperback, 112 Pages, 113 gms
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Writing for Abhisek Ganguli was never something to share with others. It was a way of putting down his opinions. One that would stand the test of time. He would look back years later and remember the teenager he used to be. Or so he thought. In the last few years, the numerous crises plaguing humanity had caught his eye. It made him realize that hispassion for writing was more than just an enticing pastime. The world had been corrupted and the vox populi inhibited for far too long. It was time for someone to raise their voice. Why not a teenager?

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Musings of A Teenager


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