Ripples of Thought by Agnimita Chatterjee

Ripples of Thought
Ripples of Thought
by Agnimita Chatterjee 

Short Stories, English
Paperback, 94 Pages, 95 gms
About: Ripples, Thought, Agnimita, Chatterjee

Price: Rs 100/- or US $5

Life, generally speaking, is ordinary. People who live, generally speaking again, are ordinary. Hardly anybody thinks they could be heroes of timeless legends, or stories could be based on them. And that is where this collection of tales steps out from the lot.

Ripples of Thought is a book about ordinary beings, living ordinary moments, having ordinary experiences. It tells stories about faces which we come across every day. It has made characters out of these faces which are already there, in the vast canvas that we call life, living, breathing, alive and kicking… in a multi-dimensional existence, yet hardly noticed by us.
Let’s delve into this extra-ordinary world of some ordinary people.

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