The Dispossessed by Srimanta Das

The Dispossessed
The Dispossessed
by Srimanta Das 

Thriller, English
Hardbound, 80 Pages, 76 gms
About: Dispossessed, Srimanta, Das, Thriller

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On an October afternoon, the Officer in Charge of the Special Police Force, Kolkata, receives a mysterious phone call and soon finds himself in a race against time to save his family. The plot thickens when the OC learns that killing his family is not the least of the caller’s intentions.

But who is the caller? And why is he playing such a dangerous game with a man of substantial power?
As the OC struggles to find out the identity of the caller, many secrets are unleashed that change the lives of many people forever.

The story offers a disturbing blend of scandalous secret lives and ambiguous conspiracies and is a telling reminder that the world of power is a place where none is out of stake.

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